We are pleased to announce that the School of 汽车机械师s & Technology has received this distinguished award.


School of 汽车机械师s & Technology Executive Director Linda Massingill says it is an honor to be recognized and named to the ACCSC 2016 Schools of Excellence. “This recognition should be a valuable tool for guidance counselors, families and prospective students who are seeking an institution offering high quality vocational/technical training. Our success as a school comes from the dedication of every employee who believes in our mission and who carries that passion throughout everything they say and do.  This award validates the work of all of our SAM Tech team members and for that we are grateful.”


The School of 汽车机械师s & Technology (SAM Tech) is a provider of machining and technical education training for students seeking careers in the high performance racing industry.


澳门太阳城的毕业生是通过在性能赛车界最好的录用,无论是在冠军球队在NASCAR,NHRA,印地,或最好的汽车制造,包括通用,铁力木,CP-卡里略,wiseco,和许多其他的。有关更多信息,请访问: //



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